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On episode 154 of Finnegan's Garage, Mike Finnegan's friends, David Newbern and Matt Knabb venture to Big Spring, Texas, to pick up a neglected 1957 Chevy 150, which the guys had spotted a few months earlier during a road trip from Arizona to Georgia. The car was had been sitting under a shed since the mid-1990s because the owner had used it as a parts car for another restoration project. The tires were flat, the windows were busted out but there wasn't a lot of rust in the body so Newbern fell in love and used a come-a-long strap to drag the carcass up onto an open trailer and then tow it 14 hours home to Georgia. In a future episode of Finnegan's Garage we'll get it running and of course do burnouts in this awesome machine. Thanks for watching!
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14 jul 2021



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Fully Loaded Kustoms
Fully Loaded Kustoms 12 timmar sedan
Awesome 57 Chevy, I'm restoring a 58 Impala on my channel. once that's done I've got a 57 Belair 2door post car can't wait to start that project.
Silent1fd 20 timmar sedan
Is it really considered "Patina" when every panel of the car is a different color?
Clickmaster5k 4 dagar sedan
SHOW & tell please
LNM0000 5 dagar sedan
Fuckin love it !!!!
Julian Rodriguez
Julian Rodriguez 6 dagar sedan
Good idea, make it look good before getting home. You motivated me to work on my 55 two door wagon.
Robert Hartmann
Robert Hartmann 7 dagar sedan
57 Chevrolet bel air is and always was my dream car since I was a kid playing with my match box and hot wheels cars and trucks..
Andrew Kay
Andrew Kay 7 dagar sedan
Can’t wait to see it Dave, hope it goes well
MoparVal 8 dagar sedan
More vids of the chev needed 👌
Kenneth Sheehan
Kenneth Sheehan 9 dagar sedan
Hemi Chevy, With Candy.
Lee Smith
Lee Smith 10 dagar sedan
That was the best find ever, when you two spotted that car from the frontage road, that shop owner was a real hot rodder and wanted you to put that back together, what a parts pick heaven!
Eddie Howard
Eddie Howard 11 dagar sedan
My buddy has a 68 la sabre he wants to scrap. I cant stand the idea! Finnegan come get it! It would be cool for you to come save it!!!!
Dave Kana
Dave Kana 12 dagar sedan
Liked and subscribed, saved another 57, 👍👍
Dan Matz
Dan Matz 12 dagar sedan
Hey Finnegan that was actually the Missouri River nobody boats on that River. There is actually a jet boat racing scene on the Mississippi River Pool 26. Would have been nice to get you out on the water and check out our boating scene. You can't see it from any of the bridges but there are bunch of sandbars and regular bars Up and Down the River
Gabriel Hodges
Gabriel Hodges 13 dagar sedan
I recognize that advanced auto 😂 it’s right down the road from me
Stephen and Lori Young
Stephen and Lori Young 14 dagar sedan
150? Side trim suggests a 210, if not a Bel Air - couldn't tell from pictures, but "gold" dimple inserts in front fender suggest it came from a Bel Air. Nice car, anyway. I'll be glad when the "patina" fad goes the way of the "paint every new car silver" fad.
Justin Van Buren
Justin Van Buren 14 dagar sedan
Awesome!!! Can’t wait to see it all done!!!!
BenRittenhouse 14 dagar sedan
Very nice, thanks for the update.
VietnamVet 67
VietnamVet 67 14 dagar sedan
Tons of 57 Chevy stuff in Canada svdown.info/post/video/l4ptZ6-GeIGkvr8.html
dragin79 14 dagar sedan
Can't wait to see this one going! Favorite project car/story on youtube right now. Details on the 6 speed?
Chris Scheiding
Chris Scheiding 15 dagar sedan
Some of us need a Blasphemi update . It’s in hiding 😎
Psyberdream 15 dagar sedan
Gonna chop up another cool old ride?
Matt H
Matt H 15 dagar sedan
Hey Mike, I just wanted to say thankyou for making your content available on SVdown as its the only thing I have left of you guys. There is no more Roadkill anything, Dirt everyday, engine masters, faster with Finnegan, Hot rod garage it's all inaccessible now. I got an email the other day from Motortrend basically saying that my money is no longer good and I will lose access to your videos. And not just me either, everyone outside the US and Canada have been left high and dry. I honestly thought it was a joke or scam but yesterday when logging into MTOD, I got a message stating no longer available in my country. When I pushed for more details from MTOD support on why this is happening, I got the "We love you so much but f@#k off" line. At least I still have this channel but seems to me a lot of great talent just got screwed. Anyway thanks and keep up the great work. I will miss Roadkill.
Christopher H
Christopher H 15 dagar sedan
One of the best and most popular hot rods ever! Good choice
Edward N. Driskoll
Edward N. Driskoll 15 dagar sedan
Car Guy daddyo
Car Guy daddyo 15 dagar sedan
You need to build something similar to the old yellow Project X 57 from its glory days. The loser that has that poor car now has destroyed a piece of American history.
Cortnie Smith
Cortnie Smith 15 dagar sedan
Harry Hilliard
Harry Hilliard 15 dagar sedan
That body, you can’t put that patina, looks awesome as hell!!!!!!!
KameraShy 15 dagar sedan
3:28 "Don't know how to use the can?" That could be a problem.
CHiCAGO VASKO 15 dagar sedan
So cool of Finnegan to pass the channel to 12 Volt dave.
X Mo
X Mo 15 dagar sedan
It was there on the side of the road since 1995. Damn, can you imagine how many losers and tire kickers he's denied on that car? Jesus Arnie.
micheal nugent
micheal nugent 16 dagar sedan
What about the caddy havent seen anything in months on it
Timothy Solis
Timothy Solis 16 dagar sedan
Hell yeah I’m happy for him
Jeffery McCormick
Jeffery McCormick 16 dagar sedan
I've driven past that car a lot in the past
john miller
john miller 16 dagar sedan
Paint that car omg it looks terrible like that
10forgram 16 dagar sedan
Next week on “you don’t get a ten minute video on my channel chum” 🤣😂
Chuck's Truck
Chuck's Truck 16 dagar sedan
Why no vid of all the good work you discussed at the end?😡
Greg Holmes
Greg Holmes 16 dagar sedan
We need updates on the pick up.
Chris Brearley
Chris Brearley 16 dagar sedan
Wow a full 5 minutes! great effort…
Kanaka Maoli
Kanaka Maoli 16 dagar sedan
You guys are lucky you can drive to other state and find cars, me I live in Hawaii, we have a interstate system that goes no where.
Muad'Dim Atreides
Muad'Dim Atreides 16 dagar sedan
Whoa,and Elen was there,as well!!! Cool, please,keep us in loop !!
Rob Den
Rob Den 16 dagar sedan
This is a Alabama origin Chevy part.
Rob Den
Rob Den 16 dagar sedan
Not a cali frame. It's one of 200 Nascar frames. Chevy first step into Nascar. Chevy only made 200 of these to sale to the Public. Much stiffer frame see 57 black widow. The widow came with 6 lug wheels. Only made 50 widows.
Scooter George
Scooter George 16 dagar sedan
Abandoned? No. 150? No. The 150 was not available in a hardtop. Only the 210 and Bel Air.
geo brothers
geo brothers 16 dagar sedan
Man how come you didn't make some episodes of the 57 coming together I would love to have seen the work.
jcnpresser 16 dagar sedan
You rock newburn, you deserve it dude! Can’t wait to see it!
Max Well
Max Well 16 dagar sedan
worth $7500+ easy as it sits. bet he paid nothing.
Salty Crow Garage
Salty Crow Garage 16 dagar sedan
It wasnt abandoned, someone is looking for it.
Wooley689 16 dagar sedan
I remember when you happened upon it, that was a cool video. The whole "Patina" thing is getting old though, give this car some grace along with the love.
Bradley Babel
Bradley Babel 16 dagar sedan
So now that you’re building a race car 57 and a street car 57, does that mean you need a parts car too?
G. K
G. K 16 dagar sedan
a whole 3 minutes,overdone
Gregory Ware
Gregory Ware 16 dagar sedan
That's going to be great looking car!
Ryno the Magnificent
Ryno the Magnificent 16 dagar sedan
... "and that car has been where you see it since 1995." Oh, so only 5 years. 🤔
57 rules the free world baby!!!!!!!
João Vale
João Vale 16 dagar sedan
Can't wait to check out this build!
coco Boo
coco Boo 16 dagar sedan
Big spring has a good auto salvage place got a whole front clip for my Silverado for like 1100
Chaz Ferrell
Chaz Ferrell 17 dagar sedan
My great grandmother told me she bought my grandad a 56 back in 1960 and only paid something like $600 bucks for it. wish you could do that now!
Lawrence Braun
Lawrence Braun 14 dagar sedan
Wish grandma still had that car
Leslie Forster
Leslie Forster 17 dagar sedan
Just awesome.
Joe Schlotthauer
Joe Schlotthauer 17 dagar sedan
Boiled linseed oil and acetone.... No clear paint...
captain coolziy
captain coolziy 17 dagar sedan
Waiting in lines isnt very productive...come on merica
Benjamin Letteer
Benjamin Letteer 17 dagar sedan
I never knew there was two versions of the frame on that year Bel Air can’t wait to see this thing all said and done
Alex Mikhael
Alex Mikhael 17 dagar sedan
2:15 OMG cameo by MRS n MR SPARKS!!!! righton! :) I wasn't mistaken their ident codes was I>??? LOL
Normylife 17 dagar sedan
Nice. Was really excited to see it again. Would love to see pics of patina detailed. For me just a bummer that you don't have a matching hood and fender. Just thought. would be soo damn amazing if you guys would collab with junkyarddigs. These guy would be i think and absolut match by the crazyness. the freaking swapped a motor in a cornfield directly after a tornado. and build a offroad partymobil out of junk.
Bobby Sanders
Bobby Sanders 17 dagar sedan
Leave it ugly? Why do all that work to the frame, Interior, Engine and leave it ugly. I`m glad Mike didn`t go that route with Blasphemi.
ShawnD1027 17 dagar sedan
"1957 Chevy 150" It's a 210. The 150 had much simpler side trim and hardtops were only available in the 210 and Bel Air trim lines.
Dog’s Garage.
Dog’s Garage. 17 dagar sedan
Cool 😎
Brendan Geraghty
Brendan Geraghty 17 dagar sedan
Don't be a spanner all your life and at least shoot it satin black and white, all this patina shit is so 2013.
Brad Stanley
Brad Stanley 17 dagar sedan
Gonna be so sweet! Can't wait to see it
Nick Tuley
Nick Tuley 17 dagar sedan
Any update on the newly acquired toterhome?
Alan Alcott
Alan Alcott 17 dagar sedan
Video was too short. I was really excited to see the build.
Miltimus Maximus
Miltimus Maximus 17 dagar sedan
Epic sleeper!
jakeandrewg1935 17 dagar sedan
Cant wait to see this build
steve blair
steve blair 17 dagar sedan
Come on it was not ABANDONED!!! You Bought it Remember??? I Sure Do!!!
Tim Weidner
Tim Weidner 17 dagar sedan
Who in their right mind can turn their back on any tri-5?
Herbie Derby
Herbie Derby 17 dagar sedan
UPS Mech Johnson
UPS Mech Johnson 17 dagar sedan
Patina for the win!!! Let that car keep telling its story.
Dan Hackens
Dan Hackens 17 dagar sedan
nice :) job !
Jason Sapp
Jason Sapp 17 dagar sedan
There is a 4 door 57 roller near me i pass everyday on my way to work...$5k ..... Want it soooo bad, lol
hunkydorian 17 dagar sedan
This is like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous except they're not that famous, just rich.
fin screenname
fin screenname 17 dagar sedan
If I hear "patina" one more time I'm going to hurl. Do the body work, stop the rust and paint the damn car!!!
Pat Booth
Pat Booth 17 dagar sedan
You are looking trimmer buddy!
John Boticki
John Boticki 17 dagar sedan
Dancing Alone wRentals
Dancing Alone wRentals 17 dagar sedan
A perfect little video. Kinda like getting an ice cream Sundae you didn't expect on a summer evening.
THE DRAGON 17 dagar sedan
They are definitely real car guys to stop and start fixing up the car before they even get it home. That sounds like some shit I would do, got to love it!
CrystalWhiteLX50 17 dagar sedan
This is actually really cool. Newbern is working at a U-Haul when Mike hired him and now he's building dream cars and sharing them on SVdown.
Manuel Benavidez
Manuel Benavidez 17 dagar sedan
its gonna a beast in sheep's clothing
scha0786 17 dagar sedan
Newbern should start his own channel, lol
dang h8s people
dang h8s people 17 dagar sedan
Goimg to look sooooo good boys 🤘🤘
Deuce 17 dagar sedan
When he said that it had both hood spikes I thought "wow, flasher than the sh!tbox of doom"
View This
View This 17 dagar sedan
Name it the 57 Draggin'
Danny Curtis
Danny Curtis 17 dagar sedan
Love it,cant wait to see it truckin 👍
e7yu 17 dagar sedan
I am pleased that you came to visit Texas. 😎
Pop Mazzoc
Pop Mazzoc 18 dagar sedan
Lord Enki
Lord Enki 18 dagar sedan
Hey, anyone got a mint passenger door for a 57 Belair hardtop?
Danceswithwires 18 dagar sedan
Looking forward to seeing it running and on the road
Trump 2024
Trump 2024 18 dagar sedan
What happened with the toter?
Travis EAKINS 18 dagar sedan
Soo proud too.know.that are people who love the 57 as much as I do that's beautiful ad she looks beautiful yall
tony66au 18 dagar sedan
Is that a quickie Resto I hear you say? LOL they are never quick coz you either find stuff or change your mind but Dave? I love your conviction.
BANDIT Grizzy 18 dagar sedan
Can't wait to see the finished product 💪🙂👍
Ken Adams
Ken Adams 18 dagar sedan
I love you guys thanks
MissionRestomod 18 dagar sedan
I’m excited for this one! 57 is my favorite tri 5.