Turbo Diesel Ramp Truck Road Trip Pt.2: Truckstop Aliens and drag boats-Finnegan's Garage Ep.143 

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This road trip is about to get real....weird. We loaded up not one but TWO jet boats onto the back of Lincoln Hawk, my 1986 Chevy Kodiak ramp truck and left Arizona for Georgia. Along the way we broke down, saw aliens, stayed in a campground and had the time of our lives. Stay tuned for Part 3 of this ridiculous road trip. All of the videos from this trip are brought to you by the cool peeps at WIRECARE.

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-Mike Finnegan

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21 apr 2021



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micheal wray
micheal wray 3 dagar sedan
On our way to the thing thanks for the recommendation
Nick 20 dagar sedan
This thing gets better mileage fully loaded then my F-250 460 block gets empty.
Theo Andersen
Theo Andersen Månad sedan
14:00 that thing gets the same mileage as my '09 v6 Accord..... I gotta get a new vehicle
Theo Andersen
Theo Andersen Månad sedan
The Thing looks like a fiji mermaid with legs
DHG DARKNESS Månad sedan
I want to see Newbern scare cotton with the new boat
Stephen Coster
Stephen Coster Månad sedan
Hiya, just found your channel, it's great. Thank you. But, there is always a but... you show re-wiring but in timelapse, not real-time. Shame, there must be a lot of viewers who could benefit from seeing how to do the wiring, learn to be able to buy off your sponsor to do the work! I'm a retired electrition so I do know, but others... Stay safe...Steve...
David Farmer
David Farmer Månad sedan
So I was driving from Phoenix to Austin a couple weeks ago. A few miles past the thing, my timing belt snapped, and we got stuck for 2 days until my buddy came and towed us back to phx. never got to see the thing, but if you go through Wilcox on a Friday or Saturday after 5:00pm, they have a really great prime rib at the steakhouse, and there's a pretty good bbq place too. and then as soon as I got home and had the timing belt sorted, my radiator started leaking out of the top cap haha.
AZBEEMR 2 månader sedan
What a waste of Whoppers!
Formed Reformed
Formed Reformed 2 månader sedan
mask wearing slaves
David Kelm
David Kelm 2 månader sedan
Definitely know how to rough it, unless they're fooling us🤔
Garage built
Garage built 2 månader sedan
Name the boat "The French Pickler"
clemenaugh 2 månader sedan
Because of CARtoons magazine I was expecting a VW Thing, especially when I seen the cars and tractor.
Garrett McGovern
Garrett McGovern 2 månader sedan
That’s baby kinda looked like a Shrunken Head...
Chris 2 månader sedan
Me thinking 10mpg is great
Mike G
Mike G 2 månader sedan
Nice truck
John Pappalardo
John Pappalardo 2 månader sedan
Rumor has it that "The Thing" from I-10 and "Pedro" from South of the Border on I-95 were childhood friends.
Matthew Walsh
Matthew Walsh 2 månader sedan
Only clutch on the starts my dude! Save that leg. The downshifts are suuuper satisfying
Ben PAGANONI 2 månader sedan
Such a cool Truck oddly Cat went funny C12 was metric C15 imperial guessing you truck has a C6 or C9 the compressor pumps air to hold brakes off no air brakes on lot of people get it arse about love the channel
Robert Nugent
Robert Nugent 2 månader sedan
Hell of a lot better mileage than the IDI in my cross country box truck. I was lucky to maintain 60 mph and I got about 7 mpg the whole trip.
Brian LaFollette
Brian LaFollette 3 månader sedan
Fun working on something for the first time in the middle of nowhere.
Pairis Fabrication
Pairis Fabrication 3 månader sedan
The place you spent the night looks like it’s in my hometown of Anthony 😂
GaryLordsWayMinistry 3 månader sedan
Nothing is simple...it's RoadKill Mike Fenn's show. Better check those little wheels lugnuts, they are known to come loose after installation. Put a Roadranger 10 speed in it, it would pull better, or a 13 speed with double over for better fuel mileage. Yukawalla cactus good for killing birds who fly into it at night. And I am pretty sure you're not supposed to be filming in there either. Pretty sure someone pieced together a monkey carcasses with some fake long legs. Yep, because even the Indians used to tell about another type humanoid that was a giant and had red hair and it looked nothing like this according to their drawings of it. You would love the 3406 500 Cat even better with Jake brakes on it. Hi, med, and low three stage braking. Just put the belt back in the right grove and adjust it up tight and problem solved.Those must be heading into get rebuilt, I always had to cover my new engines with tarps and it was wrapped in a plastic wrap as well and still had to tarp them. Should have checked the lugnuts on the boat trailer at the fuel stop, that is required in a DOT check every two hours boys when you are hauling commercially, just so ya know. Good to know before you leave the truck stop and any tire repair services before you get back out on the road again.
Brad McManis
Brad McManis 3 månader sedan
U Have A Killer Rig U Do The Maintenance It Will Last Forever OLDSCHOOL Is What It's About
Speedy 99955
Speedy 99955 3 månader sedan
I find it hillarious Finninigans believes in the conspiracy but doesn't fall for the snakeoil, like that gives total chaotic neutral vibes
kboldin 3 månader sedan
The Thing has been around forever, my Dad took on one of the many road trips in the 70's!! I'm always looking for a good road side attraction!!!
SkywallGuttz 3 månader sedan
I passed out on brandy before I seen the thing. I'm guessing more parachute vests and kevlar diapers are on order.
J G 3 månader sedan
17:47 Pretty fucking stupid to haul jet engines uncovered. It's not like a rock could bounce up, hit a critical component and down goes the plane. SMH
brad miller
brad miller 3 månader sedan
Hey guys! Love your show. That five speed should be a fairly simple swap. Talk to a semi truck repair shop. A ten or thirteen speed should bolt in. Good luck.
HillBilly RailRoad
HillBilly RailRoad 3 månader sedan
Thank you now I don’t have to travel there you showed us
scott web
scott web 3 månader sedan
To be fair you would of had the inability to take Off the brakes. You also would known in advance when your air pressure gauge starts dropping. Always do a PTI lol
peter fernandes
peter fernandes 3 månader sedan
You should put one of those jet engines on on of your jet boats, then you would go fast! Yee haw.👍👌💥💥💥😎
TIMOTHY DRISCOLL 3 månader sedan
Not just for the lot lizards...had me dying LOL
jtj1331 3 månader sedan
runnerbee71 3 månader sedan
Mike, what mask are you wearing? Where did you buy it?
photoboy2005 3 månader sedan
I want one of these trucks. Things badass. I could live very comfortable in that! Anyone know if there’s a 4 wheel drive model?
JonFinnerud 3 månader sedan
Can you drive a rig like this on a "regular" drivers license in the states or do you need a special drivers license ?
carbo2950 3 månader sedan
nick jones
nick jones 3 månader sedan
I was so sad to hear game over was getting sold.. but I'm thrilled to see more boat action. I'm a proud owner of a 79 and a 81 eliminator .. not a lot of action in Washington state but fun just the same. Always turns heads, can't wait for more boat episodes
Don Saunders
Don Saunders 3 månader sedan
A red truck called Lincoln Hawk kinda implies that you've changed welding equipment sponsors (?).... And that thing needs some serious lowering in the front......
Diesel Ramcharger
Diesel Ramcharger 3 månader sedan
lol The Thing. ahhh arizona.
Scottie Johnson
Scottie Johnson 3 månader sedan
15:50 I've never seen a belt do that. That's a new one!
Steve Lacker
Steve Lacker 3 månader sedan
LOL at ‘The Thing!’ The Bowlin’s travel centers are legendary. I remember the miles of signs for the “Flying C Ranch” on I 40 as a kid back in the 70s.
Fred Seaborne
Fred Seaborne 3 månader sedan
18:54 Too bad I wasn't there --- if someone says he is gonna toss perfectly-good food, I always say hastily, "Oh, let me have it... I'll eat it; I don't mind if its dried out or stuck together!" :P :D
Fred Seaborne
Fred Seaborne 3 månader sedan
15:35 I wonder of there were supposed to be two belts side-by-side on the same set of dual-grooved pulleys for your brakes? Does the brakes-compressor pulley have two grooves, as well?
Cumminz 20
Cumminz 20 3 månader sedan
All those idiots wearing masks just ruined this
Brody Richardson
Brody Richardson 3 månader sedan
9:32 David references among us game so epic
Kevin Blankenburg
Kevin Blankenburg 3 månader sedan
Standard means metric... :P
Tony Taylor
Tony Taylor 3 månader sedan
I saw The Thing in the late 70's!!! LOL
Super Eurobeet
Super Eurobeet 3 månader sedan
Finnegan be muzzled like a good compliant boy.
FalconXE302 3 månader sedan
LoL... metric is standard, it's only the USA that is stuck in the measurement dark agaes... LoL...
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 3 månader sedan
Actually, there are 2 other countries that still use the Imperial system: Liberia and Myanmar.
Silverio Arroyo
Silverio Arroyo 3 månader sedan
I feel like this truck needs to be playing nothing but haggard on the radio non stop.
670fastcrf 3 månader sedan
Graboids! Man... the creepy tremors were the graboids... ha ha
32bitcal 3 månader sedan
God damn it that Tremor's clip made me jump! (Graboid's were the name of the creates btw, and the first Tremors was the best)
hawkdsl 3 månader sedan
God, I love that truck.
Jerry Watson
Jerry Watson 3 månader sedan
Twinstick Garage is building a duplicate of the smokey and the bandit truck. and I think if I knew I was going to be sleeping on the bow of a boat soon I would have stopped and gotten an air mattress.
Jason Fernandez
Jason Fernandez 3 månader sedan
Is the Rogers boat the same boat that got the Muscletruck engine swapped into at the boat launch a few years back? That was one of the best RK eps.
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 3 månader sedan
Yep, it's the same boat.
PhaedoMoto 3 månader sedan
Your still doing that mask bs? How much longer you going to be brainwashed for?
Ronny Chavez
Ronny Chavez 3 månader sedan
Dude I’m really enjoying, watching this series seems like it went great to🤙🏽
hotrods woodshed
hotrods woodshed 3 månader sedan
This thing is nutz
guido heeling
guido heeling 3 månader sedan
So old air brakes work inverted from new air brakes? I never knew that. Seems very very safe to me😂
Adam Winters
Adam Winters 3 månader sedan
You're not too far from me in Arizona.. Im glad you stopped to see the THING
Samuel Plavidal
Samuel Plavidal 3 månader sedan
This was a great episode
Max Torque
Max Torque 3 månader sedan
Flatbed Truck comes into stop with 3 turbojets on the back, it later rolls out with just two. Meanwhile, a large red ramptruck, looking suspiciosuly low on its suspension rolls quietly out onto the highway...... #jetboatbaby :-)
Andrew Bennett
Andrew Bennett 3 månader sedan
Where is this truck stop?
stephen zettler
stephen zettler 3 månader sedan
Grabboids are what the tremors where called
Ryan Stocker
Ryan Stocker 3 månader sedan
what happend to the ramp truck
Cee Gee
Cee Gee 3 månader sedan
Great music
Antti Brax
Antti Brax 3 månader sedan
22:13 A strong fiberglass *what?*
Wolfey Ford
Wolfey Ford 3 månader sedan
best looking truck out here
Unkown 3 månader sedan
We need this truck in Snowrunner
Nolan Causey
Nolan Causey 3 månader sedan
With air brakes if you lose air it actually prevents the brakes from being released. So if you would’ve lost that belt you would’ve lost air to the point your brakes would pop and there you would sit.
Marc T
Marc T 3 månader sedan
If you are ever on I95 in the Carolinas, stop at South of The Border! Also, when are you guys going to come to the Northeast? Lime Rock Park, Thompson Speedway, Whiskey Hill, Watkins Glen International, Pocono, NJ Motorsports Park. Toni's in Philly, that's plenty enough reason!
J Hawk
J Hawk 3 månader sedan
Do you still have Game Over too ? So you will have 3 boats ? The new project boat in back looks sweet !!! Cant wait buddy 👍
jeffrey weatherwax
jeffrey weatherwax 3 månader sedan
that is what you need for your new boat turbine
A nut burger
A nut burger 3 månader sedan
Dustin Jackson
Dustin Jackson 3 månader sedan
This is sorta what Roadkill should still be. Awesome content fellas :-)
Jeremy Dawson
Jeremy Dawson 3 månader sedan
Double clutching is only for getting your license, then you learn to float the gears.
crizcriz103 3 månader sedan
Nice new project boat looks like it will be an outboard? Or is that transom getting a hole ?
justin mooney
justin mooney 3 månader sedan
Wait til you learn to float the gears, so much smoother and clutch will last longer
Bruni 3 månader sedan
9:32 it wasn't aliens but it is a group that's just as foreign
Rear Engine Shop
Rear Engine Shop 3 månader sedan
And here I am sitting on my ass in Michigan. I need to get out there and do something!
Rick R
Rick R 3 månader sedan
Great video
Sam The Trucker
Sam The Trucker 3 månader sedan
Ok 1. That air ride seat is nice aint it? And 2. Graboids. They are called Graboids.
Clayton Argo
Clayton Argo 3 månader sedan
Double clutch?! You should only need clutch to start rolling and stop. Those trannys are made for no clutch shifting. Just lift or blip throttle. Probably a 10 speed. And you don’t need air for the brakes to stop. You need it to go. Just saying. Things worth knowing. 😉
Clint Mullins
Clint Mullins 3 månader sedan
If you lose the air compressor you are going to stop. Because once you loose pressure the brakes will lock up
Peter Kaiser
Peter Kaiser 3 månader sedan
Now that's a red truck!
Jeeper 3 månader sedan
Loved my rogers boat..bought it new in 75 sold it in 2013....so miss that boat..spent its entire life with me and my family on the Colorado in Parker AZ...great times
Sander Kalso
Sander Kalso 3 månader sedan
Ohh the suspence for "the thing" 😀
matt sez
matt sez 3 månader sedan
So you know....Freiburger gets no likes.......no shares......no views from me
Steven Laxton
Steven Laxton 3 månader sedan
Crescent wrench???that's a weird fancy name for an adjustable hammer..
BEEF HAMMERS 3 månader sedan
kenneth connors
kenneth connors 3 månader sedan
nice video ,, great ediiting and you made it fun watching
Luis Vargas
Luis Vargas 3 månader sedan
How bout turbo diesel jet boat
Jnastyzzz 3 månader sedan
Crescent wrenchhh???? You mean adjustable hammer? Lol
J Ramsay
J Ramsay 3 månader sedan
“Not just for the lot lizards, for the jet engines” what a quote
Lee Peterson
Lee Peterson 3 månader sedan
My wife and I stopped to see the thing in 1982, while moving to Houston TX. Lol
Roar Kversøy
Roar Kversøy 3 månader sedan
The previous own gave you belt and cans of r-134a for your air conditioner that didn't work 😂🤣
Tim Noseworthy
Tim Noseworthy 3 månader sedan
I love what you do Finnegan, but you should only be using the clutch to get started. That'll save you
HardShell_Tacoma 3 månader sedan
HPSFRoadrunner 3 månader sedan
MMMmmmm...Whopper brick.