Tony Angelo talks Hot Rod Drag Week, Roadkill and his new show "Stay Tuned". 

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Join Mike Finnegan and Tony Angelo as they talk about behind the scenes of their work together.

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17 feb 2021



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J-M Charing
J-M Charing 3 månader sedan
I had a merkur x4ti and the turbos went and it was cheaper to drop a 351 with a c6 trans than it was to replace the turbos. So that’s what was done.
MravacKid 3 månader sedan
... are you telling me you don't know the glory that is Kung Fury? Go watch it, now. :)
TheNakedCommunist 3 månader sedan
Audience: "That'd be cool to see!" Moments later... Newbern: "I have a clip!"
Iron McK
Iron McK 3 månader sedan
Missed the live stream but always entertaining
Dee-Bee Kooper
Dee-Bee Kooper 4 månader sedan
My first car was a 73 Dart Sport 318 with a super rare giant sunroof... I loved that car. Put slotted Mopar cop car wheels on it with staggered tires F/R... eventually put Magnum heads on it and headers and painted the rear axle Dukes of Hazard orange. PS the C3 Corvette is one of the ugliest cars of all time... Bucket list cars should be things like Group B rally cars and a Unimog.
Sean 5 månader sedan
Tony's ability to remain calm, cool and collected during hot rod drag week was nothing short of heroic. You could not have had a better co-pilot for that trip. All due respect to Freiburger. By far one of my favorite episodes.
MravacKid 3 månader sedan
That bench press was epic.
naldahide 5 månader sedan
I just got around to watching the latest episode of roadkill... I just wanted to send my condolences for the loss of your father to you and your family...
Bill Jr
Bill Jr 5 månader sedan
The HEMI is the sole of Blasphemi, but at this rate a Big Block Chevy would be boring but doable as a 8 second drag car you can grenade and bounce right back partswise.
rwelbethel 5 månader sedan
I was staying at the hotel that night that Finnegan & Tony got there so late. They parked Blasphemi right at the front door & just like Finnegan said... Case of beer for a wheel chock behind Blasphemi. I took a picture of it because I thought it was so funny.
S Wylie
S Wylie 5 månader sedan
B.S. you'd love to be Jay Leno, able to buy or build whatever car you desire.
Lewis Radbourn
Lewis Radbourn 5 månader sedan
R Monkey
R Monkey 5 månader sedan
It's a no go for me, hate the zoom.
Gregory Corral
Gregory Corral 5 månader sedan
So glad you make videos! I love watching them!
Scott Ruch
Scott Ruch 5 månader sedan
Tony, Mikey is a great addition. He has a great voice for video, and he obviously a great wrench. Eagleeyeedwards is a badass, and he should have taken better care of your carb.
Scott Ruch
Scott Ruch 5 månader sedan
Tony was The Guy In The Chair!!!
Tayeb McCabe
Tayeb McCabe 5 månader sedan
GoFund Me C2 Build?
Truck This Garage
Truck This Garage 5 månader sedan
Awesome. I need to watch some older stuff!
THROTTLE POWER 5 månader sedan
Great show!!!!
alex freeman
alex freeman 5 månader sedan
Whats up with the four door malibu??
Tom Preciado
Tom Preciado 5 månader sedan
Do you guys think that you can beat Brad DeBerti in a race? You are already heading towards his shop in NC. He’s also building a C10. Check out his video on SVdown
Niels-Ole Borby
Niels-Ole Borby 5 månader sedan
I just Subscribe To Tony¨s Channel
32bitcal 5 månader sedan
Love seeing you guys collaborate on youtube as well and not just for Motortrend.
James DeRade
James DeRade 5 månader sedan
Tony couldn't look more Philly
Original Power Tool
Original Power Tool 5 månader sedan
Burnt Taco is my bucket list ride. Still my favorite mini of all time.
jared packer
jared packer 5 månader sedan
You haven't drawn blood working on a ride, have you really worked on a ride?
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 5 månader sedan
Hello from jasper ga from josh
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 5 månader sedan
I c u brother
Backstreet Kustoms 2021
Backstreet Kustoms 2021 5 månader sedan
im not sure about doing my own youtube channel what do ya think ? svdown.info/clip/hfST1JJAB1ivVe2NLWBOZA i m not 100% anyone would watch it , its not as easy as people think
Barry Obler
Barry Obler 5 månader sedan
Hey Mike, did you ever get the correct wrench for those under the head bolts? I remember you calling me looking for one when you were in Havasu!
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson 5 månader sedan
How have I not heard about Stay Tuned until now...!
AJ 5 månader sedan
I think Tony needs to be your Vo driver if you do the freedom 500
StevexNYCperformance 5 månader sedan
Wow. Angel iron.
Troy Rice
Troy Rice 5 månader sedan
I’ve literally watched Episode 109 of “Roadkill” at least once a week since it was released, sometimes more than once a week. #WheelyFromHell! #ForTheWin!
Robert Belote
Robert Belote 5 månader sedan
I really enjoy watching guys and the different shows , but i got to be honest you guys and more so the motortrend app make it difficult for a ford guy . Every time a blue oval comes up its an episode of one liners against it or the work/money/time put into the car is nowhere near the amount the Mopars or bowtie ballerinas get . Just making an observation ( disgustang and new edge headers excluded).
David Sloan
David Sloan 5 månader sedan
sorry guys i didn't enter becomes we live Australia
D4 VE 5 månader sedan
So... finnegan, lucky, and now tony and dulcich have youtube channels... is this all just a slow plan to ditch motortrend and all just carry on their shinnanigans on youtube for themselves?! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 ❤
lilorbie lilorbie
lilorbie lilorbie 5 månader sedan
D4 VE Maybe the greed at mtod has got the better of them. Sounds like the wheels are starting to fall off at mtod.?
Jcap 66
Jcap 66 5 månader sedan
Great episode!
Benjamin Hansen
Benjamin Hansen 5 månader sedan
i just love this down to earth kinda show :) and the dynamic between you are great :D
Middle aged man stuff
Middle aged man stuff 5 månader sedan
I could listen to you guys for hours, just had that on speaker at my work while cutting/fitting architraves lol
David Lunda
David Lunda 5 månader sedan
Til tangelo was in kung fury...
mark tokusato
mark tokusato 5 månader sedan
When's the tattoo call out gonna happen??? Want to see Jon with Blasphemi tattoo... Don't let him forget....
Danko Stojanovic
Danko Stojanovic 5 månader sedan
Tony is such a legend and you guys bring out the best of him, way better than what producers make out of him
Shawn Pavlik
Shawn Pavlik 5 månader sedan
So happy tony knows Iron Trap, Matt’s the only one that can do something with the butchery on that cuda
Joe Fish
Joe Fish 5 månader sedan
EarlCamino Vs. Farmtruck!
Aaron Tiensvold
Aaron Tiensvold 5 månader sedan
What happened stepside pickup you guys built?
Bill Levassiur
Bill Levassiur 5 månader sedan
Really enjoy both of you guys and your show's.
richie wiebe
richie wiebe 5 månader sedan
Back in the day, the guys and I figured up to 3 guys working on a truck, things got faster. Every person added after that things slowed down rapidly!! Haha
N-less Fix-It list
N-less Fix-It list 5 månader sedan
Sit back - don't laugh so much.. roof roof doggy. Wow. wouldn't be me that's for sure. I'd be like go fly a kite buddy. Does it ever stop.
Shawn Stevison
Shawn Stevison 5 månader sedan
When are you gonna race ken block with blasphemi?
Eric Lock
Eric Lock 5 månader sedan
We need a Roadkill vs HotRod Garage drag week challenge! Finn and Free-burger vs Lucky and Tony. Both teams have to race the same class with a car from the junkyard and a $20,000 build limit. Winners keep their car, losers sell theirs and donate all proceeds to a charity. Make it happen MotorTrend!!!
Keith Baron
Keith Baron 5 månader sedan
bring it!
tallcamaroguy 5 månader sedan
Mike, I am next door to Kernersville, are you going to have a meet and greet when you come here to work in the Cadillac
Gayland McLean
Gayland McLean 5 månader sedan
Love the Hoff!!!
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies 5 månader sedan
I think the real question is, what happened to the Attempted Murder Nova? The engine is in Big Bird....
Dylan Gill
Dylan Gill 5 månader sedan
Giving away a t56 on my birthday
Old Roots Outdoors
Old Roots Outdoors 5 månader sedan
Is this the start of a podcast?
lilorbie lilorbie
lilorbie lilorbie 5 månader sedan
Old Roots Outdoors If so it's Got to be way better than that other one Mike did with Kibbie.
king customs 2
king customs 2 5 månader sedan
Loved the stream 💯👍
T Hman
T Hman 5 månader sedan
Tony and Lucky should do drag week in Luckys wagon 👍
Tommy Huffman
Tommy Huffman 5 månader sedan
that wagon is for sale if you want it :)
Dan Myers
Dan Myers 5 månader sedan
That clip of Tony drifting the Challenger on the Bachelor show reminded me that on one of my first dates with my now wife of 37 years I did an e-brake 180 in the middle of a narrow residential street. To my amazement she still married this geek. 😉
T Hman
T Hman 5 månader sedan
Lol 12 volt saying well probably like 9:30 that's funny stuff 👍
richard Turk
richard Turk 5 månader sedan
This is about as boring as listening to someones phone conversation.
Connor Celano
Connor Celano 5 månader sedan
The second season of FWF is pure gold so far. Nothing beats watching 3 actual friends get paid to live out their dreams. The magic is from watching and being able to imagine yourself and friends doing it. KEEP IT GOING
Philip Green
Philip Green 5 månader sedan
Love you guys, but this video establishes new benchmarks for "Boring!!".
Liam 5 månader sedan
...and this is coming from a boring white guy in a boring suit with a boring name and a boring hair cut.
James Eastwood
James Eastwood 5 månader sedan
Tony moved to legend status when he bench pressed the trans.
brdnsky64 5 månader sedan
Good luck in Drag Week if you run again and also the new show. Ronnie.
coyboybc 5 månader sedan
Would you sell what’s left of the hemi block to make a coffee table out of for a man cave ?
Adam 5 månader sedan
Do you still have Game Over ?
Wrench Avengers
Wrench Avengers 5 månader sedan
Kung Fury is one of the best movies ever.
Michael Johns ICYu2
Michael Johns ICYu2 5 månader sedan
Why do I feel like this is backwards. Tony should be trying to be part of Finnegan, not the other way around.
James Eastwood
James Eastwood 5 månader sedan
Co-Branding dude. Mike has cultured friendships with some great guys.
Eppy's chop shop
Eppy's chop shop 5 månader sedan
Lolz you guys are awesome tho! I love your home garage and channels more then mototr trend to be honest
Eppy's chop shop
Eppy's chop shop 5 månader sedan
Tex Eisnor
Tex Eisnor 5 månader sedan
Erase..Boring as phuck.
Tex Eisnor
Tex Eisnor 5 månader sedan
Great show..funny guys.Too bad you don't include Canada in your prizes.Oh well.
Wreckerboy 5 månader sedan
“We’ve found every possible way to destroy that engine.” Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Murphy...
Todd McCarter
Todd McCarter 5 månader sedan
I think at this point finn knows him pretty well, and its not like he said the next engine will be perfect, thats the thing about fast race cars, they just keep breaking
Freddy FirePipes
Freddy FirePipes 5 månader sedan
Includes paid promotion!!!!
Dan R
Dan R 5 månader sedan
Omg that guy and gal where total idiots with that hellcat. at least the didn't wrap the car into the lamppost.
Dan R
Dan R 5 månader sedan
@coyboybc all for television figures....
coyboybc 5 månader sedan
I know many of us would be so happy just to drive one of these down the highway and not trash the car for laughs! So stupid to watch idiots get to drive a dream car to some of us
Eero Vainikka
Eero Vainikka 5 månader sedan
You guys need to do some drifting together in an episode of Faster with Finnegan!
Brian Beamish
Brian Beamish 5 månader sedan
these rock it
Tony Maldonado
Tony Maldonado 5 månader sedan
At this point Fin you gotta LS twin Turbo swap Blashemi😁
Codename C.A.R.S
Codename C.A.R.S 5 månader sedan
That episode of roadkill during drag week with you guys was the best one to watch!
Timothy Steen
Timothy Steen 5 månader sedan
Hello Mike and David and Tony great live stream Wishing everyone there well Take Care Guys
jennifer cross
jennifer cross 5 månader sedan
What happened to the blue and white 1978 Ford bronco
James Churchill
James Churchill 5 månader sedan
Dude! True Survivor was the theme song from Kung Fury. If you've not seen it, it's like 35 minutes and available on SVdown.
nie wissen
nie wissen 5 månader sedan
I use to watch roadkill. Until they went to motortrend
Mike Wasfaret
Mike Wasfaret 5 månader sedan
It's funny, when Tony took over Hot Rod garage, nobody likes him. But he proved himself. I like when ever he is on Roadkill.
hippynurd 5 månader sedan
My neighbor helped me replace a clutch, I had never done it, so I followed his lead. He had me pull the front wheels up on a curb to make some space for him to crawl under the car. I handed him tools and he pulled them bolts out. The next thing I knew, he was resting the trans on his chest, and was asking for the parts. I looked under and saw the situation and thought that was my friends last day. He was a pretty buff dude, but that was way beyond my expectations. That guy rocked.
Julia Hummel
Julia Hummel 5 månader sedan
When you coming threw missouri!
Jerry Minshall
Jerry Minshall 5 månader sedan
I love these guys. Just like sitting around in the garage with them!!
Greg Osborn
Greg Osborn 5 månader sedan
Makes me want to work on my son's 75 malibu. But its 16 degrees in N.Texas.
nie wissen
nie wissen 5 månader sedan
Lucky you. Wish it was that warm here. Currently -20c
James Emerson
James Emerson 5 månader sedan
What about the Vette wide body swap ?
That Scootaloo
That Scootaloo 5 månader sedan
Use discord next time zoom is a pos
Aaron Peplinski
Aaron Peplinski 5 månader sedan
That video had enough CGI elements in it to make him look like Tony could have been the original model.
Rolands Gēgermanis
Rolands Gēgermanis 5 månader sedan
I would gladly buy your T-Shirts if the prints would be upfront not on the back!
Pesty Pester
Pesty Pester 5 månader sedan
The Hoff video is actually from a really odd movie you can watch on SVdown
David Lunda
David Lunda 5 månader sedan
Kung fury
Dan R
Dan R 5 månader sedan
It's mental. I watched it because of the algorithm
chad l
chad l 5 månader sedan
I want that trans
chad l
chad l 5 månader sedan
you need tony on more roadkill shows
Robert Belote
Robert Belote 5 månader sedan
@lilorbie lilorbie agreed. The information is solid and useful.
lilorbie lilorbie
lilorbie lilorbie 5 månader sedan
@Robert Belote Yes . While David knows his stuff and I have learned things that I did not know. Sometimes he can be annoying.
Robert Belote
Robert Belote 5 månader sedan
@chad l oh ok , didn't notice . Cool.
chad l
chad l 5 månader sedan
@Robert Belote no way he is funny
Robert Belote
Robert Belote 5 månader sedan
Yes, replace burger with tony maybe?
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson 5 månader sedan
You could do something similar to what Cleetus McFarland did with pieces of asphalt from the FF and create a custom shirt/apparel item and include piece(s) of the broken Hemi from Blasphemi with each purchase of said custom shirt/apparel item. Just a thought!! I also wanted to say that I love seeing cool content coming out Georgia!!!
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson 5 månader sedan
@gym shoe All I was saying was that would be a cool way for the fans to get pieces from Blasphemi's Hemi and at the same time support the show and whatever else Finnegan want's to do with the cash. I'm not saying I agree with anything Cleetus does or that he is some car genius but as you said yourself, he knows how to generate the cash flow to support his 'adventures' no matter how small or grandiose they may be. I prefer Finnegan 12 times out of 10, I watch Cleetus to waste time until another episode/show with Finnegan and/or Tony Angelo comes out for me to watch. Basically to make this even longer than it needed to be, I totally agree with you!
Dan R
Dan R 5 månader sedan
@gym shoe only started watching him. He himself doesn't seem to do much.
gym shoe
gym shoe 5 månader sedan
Look a little closer--cleetus is an idiot who knows little about cars. He is focused on taking the money of his mouth-breather fans. He can't drive, he can't weld, he doesn't know a crank from a camshaft. Look at his face--his eyes are crossed up.
BryDuhBikeGuy 5 månader sedan
Who the hell knew Noon-ish today?
BryDuhBikeGuy 5 månader sedan
Dangit ! Missed Again !,@^#& !!!
Dan R
Dan R 5 månader sedan
Me too
Bubba Kushington
Bubba Kushington 5 månader sedan
Is that shia?
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