The 1-Week Chevy C10 Build and Road Trip-Part 5: Finnegan's Garage Ep.136 

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Man, we are getting really close to starting up my truck. Today, Andrew built the rear half of the cage and Colin began the process of programming the EFI system and Racepak Smartwire Power Distribution Module. Meanwhile, Cotten and I tackled the plumbing. We have less than two days to get my 1967 Chevy C10 running and driving so that we can cruise it to MRC Fabrication in Kernersville, North Carolina. The plan is to drive it there on Sunday March 7th to go check out the progress on my 1961 Cadillac Coupe DeVill. The address is 616 Indeneer Drive, Kernersville, NC 27284.

All of the current C10 videos have been made possible by the good folks at Wire Care. Wire Care distributes everything you need to wire and plumb your hot rod, muscle car, truck, drift car or tricycle and we are using everything from battery cable to heat shielding products during the thrash to finish my C10. Want to see more? Visit www.wirecare.com
There's also bonus daily content on Wirecare's Instagram account, which is @wirecare_inc


Holley bypass fuel regulator:

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8 mar 2021



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Brian Kolbrek
Brian Kolbrek Månad sedan
Finnegan, silicone, as in RTV, silicon, a mineral used in making heat resistant stuff and computer chips. Learn it, live it.
chickenfishhybrid44 3 månader sedan
I'm guessing you'll eventually blow it all apart again to paint the firewall and stuff? Lol
jefrhi 4 månader sedan
Dog walks up, "Hey Bo, wassup!" Kid walks up, no attention paid and he nearly gets elbowed in the face...priorities.
Pissing Soft People Off
Pissing Soft People Off 4 månader sedan
Glad you added the curve bill hat, now I have to switch between it and my roadkill hat😁 keep up the great work brother. Watch you everyday.
John Kilgalen
John Kilgalen 4 månader sedan
The truck looks amazing
Austin Constant
Austin Constant 4 månader sedan
So......where's Saturdays video?
Dave Van Gemert
Dave Van Gemert 4 månader sedan
Dave Van Gemert
Dave Van Gemert 4 månader sedan
This is no time to act like a little bitch Mike! For everyone's sake, make it happen! Make it better later, but for christ sake, make it happen. I'm starting to have flashbacks of the fire chicken and blasphemi!. "Its my car and it's not how I want it to be, waaa! In the meantime you got all these guys to help, all these parts I'm pretty sure you didnt have to take out a second or third on your house to pay for them, and for crying out loud, you got a roadtrip half a million plus people are waiting to see happen! Now get on it, man up!!!!
Simon Matthews
Simon Matthews 4 månader sedan
Where is the rest of the. C10 content
Mick Lamb
Mick Lamb 4 månader sedan
How disappointed not to see the build finished
Logan Brooks
Logan Brooks 4 månader sedan
Part 6 buffering.
The Multimedia Garage
The Multimedia Garage 4 månader sedan
Extremely uncool not keeping us updated
James st.clair
James st.clair 4 månader sedan
Watching ever episode to see the end of the build. Then nothing. I guess we will never know the out come. It’s a cliff hander. Lol
Alex Reid
Alex Reid 4 månader sedan
Your killing us with this waiting! You told us all week were along for the ride n you got us all hanging out waiting on the road trip.....
Traprock Sawyer
Traprock Sawyer 4 månader sedan
MotorTrend? Sure hope not though. Loving this build. Some very trick engineering happening. Fingers crossed.
Arnav Prasad
Arnav Prasad 4 månader sedan
Do you miss roadkill
Greg Hendershot
Greg Hendershot 4 månader sedan
What happen to the project ?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 4 månader sedan
Cotton is reaching the end and is going to punch Mike F in the nuts.
maximu5 4 månader sedan
I think they are all enjoying this truck too much that they forgot to post the rest of the videos
colin robins
colin robins 4 månader sedan
Talk about a cliffhanger waiting for the next episode!!
Scott Raper
Scott Raper 4 månader sedan
Where are the rest of the videos?
Twizted Dreamz
Twizted Dreamz 4 månader sedan
Any help what I sound get to wire up a 440bb in a 1962 4door FALCON. About how much wiring I will need
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 4 månader sedan
5 days later, legend has it, the team were abducted by aliens to blueprint their hyperdrive...
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 4 månader sedan
We've all been there... the tension in the air over that fuel line fitting...
Allen Behrends
Allen Behrends 4 månader sedan
Where are the rest of the videos
Steven Cartwright
Steven Cartwright 4 månader sedan
Where is the next video????
MrMadenuff 4 månader sedan
Hey guys whats happened to the final build episode ?
Cameron Schneider
Cameron Schneider 4 månader sedan
Hey love your videos but can you talk about the epa and the rpm act
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 4 månader sedan
Wears the last day and test drive , where have you gone ????
Steve Sweat’s Speed Shop
Awesome! Check out me trying to figure out my ‘55 fuel system! svdown.info/post/video/g4SMZrqchqOHzrM.html
TEX 4 månader sedan
I would like to know what shock system is used on the truck?
Charles Longterry
Charles Longterry 4 månader sedan
Faster with Finnegan is a BADASS show on motortrend. Definitely need more episodes. Are you guys coming back with more?
Troy Rice
Troy Rice 4 månader sedan
Where the hell is the C10 and why aren’t you driving it? It’s been a week since you were to drive it.
AB-80X 4 månader sedan
So did they fail at this? Seems odd that after a week they posted nothing. This was supposedly recorded on Sunday the 5th. and nothjng since. Would be nice to get the scoop. I think it will be hard to believe that they made it if they post up a video after two weeks saying they did. Seems fishy.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 4 månader sedan
We need a video dedicated to just the outtakes from this build 😂
VetteKid 4 månader sedan
After all the hype of daily video updates it was a big disappointment that they never finished it one way or another or at least gave an explanation why. I just wonder if the Motor Trend production company had something to do with it.
Troy Newcomb
Troy Newcomb 4 månader sedan
What happened to the last video on the S10 I was looking forward to seeing it
almost there
almost there 4 månader sedan
5 days later, legend has it, the team were abducted by aliens to blueprint their hyperdrive...
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 4 månader sedan
Why hasn’t he posted any vids
Geoff Gravitt
Geoff Gravitt 4 månader sedan
Hey!!@ where's the rest of this build??? Dont keep us hanging. Wanna see it.
Steve Kamps
Steve Kamps 4 månader sedan
Any updates of it running?
Robert Wallis
Robert Wallis 4 månader sedan
wheres the rest of the vids
FoldedEagle 4 månader sedan
Clive Evans
Clive Evans 4 månader sedan
Wears the last day and test drive , where have you gone ????
Bill Braithwaite
Bill Braithwaite 4 månader sedan
Part 6 with a running driving truck?
TheMasterofsparks 4 månader sedan
What happened? No new videos in 4 days
russ clewley
russ clewley 4 månader sedan
I take it that it didn’t go well seeing that you disappeared.
Ian Spence
Ian Spence 4 månader sedan
l checked his Facebook site and it shows the truck on the road trip !!!
Coal black 79 k10
Coal black 79 k10 4 månader sedan
Wonder what ever come of the truck
KONTROLLED KHAOS 4 månader sedan
What happened to road kill on SVdown
Garden 4 månader sedan
One big commercial. Lame
Patrick Dubois
Patrick Dubois 4 månader sedan
Where are the following episodes???
Bob Steensma
Bob Steensma 4 månader sedan
Where is episode 6??????
Paul Dulworth
Paul Dulworth 4 månader sedan
Michael Wayne Cotten for president
Antonio Bencomo
Antonio Bencomo 4 månader sedan
Why hasn’t he posted any vids
Richard Castagnaro
Richard Castagnaro 4 månader sedan
Hey guys i bought one of the Hemi bennie sweatshirts and its sat at a FEDEX facility from Feb 1 to this is now the 12th and no change. Fedex and FSM cant seem tonfind it and no one will send another or refund my money. Buyer beware. Sorry Finn, to me this looks bad on you too not just FEDEX.
Tintin 4 månader sedan
+1 on the safety specs! If you use Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) instead of WD40 for drilling/milling/cutting, it's a better lube for ally and doesn't need degreasing afterward. Ventilation/extraction desirable though...
Phillip Cave
Phillip Cave 4 månader sedan
Where is the next video?
speedboat 4 månader sedan
So what's happening? Did Wirecare pull the sponsorship? Did your overworked crew mutiny? Did you put it on a trailer and roll away to Kernersville?
John Evon
John Evon 4 månader sedan
I keep thinking surely there has to be a part 6, "Build and Road Trip" , didn't even finish the build, maybe we have pay motor trend to see the rest.
SKM 94
SKM 94 4 månader sedan
Don't be given no lip cotton
B Dahl
B Dahl 4 månader sedan
Well does it run or not?
Jon Elias
Jon Elias 4 månader sedan
So this is where the story ends?
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 4 månader sedan
Cotton should be an Acting Coach - he can say more with expressions then most actors can do with a page of dialog. Also, @ Chris - the edits are great!
Douglas Fehler
Douglas Fehler 4 månader sedan
Assortment of hot rods for sale a bunch of shop tools for sale ho ya hardly used shop glasses need to buy new brail type writer man Oh ya the glasses are just over there is it worth it mike? It won't cause Me any pain it'll feel sorry for you so wear the ------- f n glasses Thankyou.from regina in the provence of saskatchewan in the chilly Country of Canada stay safe and remain healthy bye for now.
wreckleskelly 4 månader sedan
Umm... 3 days late on an upload?
goodtogoace 4 månader sedan
no new video?
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 4 månader sedan
Soo, what happened???
Jodi Christensen
Jodi Christensen 4 månader sedan
“...finish the F’ing story!”
John Hendrix
John Hendrix 4 månader sedan
I was just watching an episode of yours faster with Finnegan. It's funny that that Cam went flat And I don't mean as in humorous.. I've had several do the same thing recently. 47 years old been building motors awhile now. Rarely never Have I lost a Cam Until the past few years. Take a look at Uncle Tony's garage. Take a look at Uncle Tony's garage. He took a deep dive into things And found out that it's the lifters that are Not made right.. And these are from reputable companies. I won't waste your time you can look into what he found at your own leisure.. Great show btw
Richard Stampley
Richard Stampley 4 månader sedan
Where’s Part 6? And the road trip?
Darrrell Cain
Darrrell Cain 4 månader sedan
I liked your old garage logo
Zebra 3
Zebra 3 4 månader sedan
His FB page shows the truck being driven, not sure why the lack of YT video.
Jonas Jisendal
Jonas Jisendal 4 månader sedan
What band is playing starting at 8.10 ?
Leo.P30sk 4 månader sedan
Your shop looks like a great place to work
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 4 månader sedan
Chris up here upping the production quality on the post side, props man!
Jeremiah Truman
Jeremiah Truman 4 månader sedan
It's a truck!
mike lyons
mike lyons 4 månader sedan
You can tell cotton is running thin. He needs a day or two to catch up on sleep.
Doug Helmle
Doug Helmle 4 månader sedan
i wish my dad was like finn.
Doug Helmle
Doug Helmle 4 månader sedan
IF i listen to this music {excellent by the way} would my build go this fast?????
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 4 månader sedan
When’s the next c10 video coming ? Loving the c-10 content keep kickin ass gents
Johnny Reb
Johnny Reb 4 månader sedan
That truck will never run and be finished
justbuggin67 4 månader sedan
Cotton has WTFF (What the F*ck Finnegan?!?) face.
TheMotoracer838 4 månader sedan
Soo, what happened???
Czechbound 4 månader sedan
So this is an episode on fast forward. Hood on. Rear on. Drill a hole. That's my summary
Garden 4 månader sedan
WTF ,string us along and then leave us hanging.Put down your beer and finish the segment.
Logik426 4 månader sedan
Can't wait for PART 6...
ryan labbe
ryan labbe 4 månader sedan
Where is the last 2 videos? Let's go! I've been watching all week and I'm ready to see the truck running!
NBP Garage
NBP Garage 4 månader sedan
where is Saturday and sunday?
Scotty Burch
Scotty Burch 4 månader sedan
Can’t just leave us hanging, gotten used to the daily videos. We want to hear it run!!
Mrtall81 4 månader sedan
The wait for part 6 is killing me!!!! Love this build
Bobby Sanders
Bobby Sanders 4 månader sedan
So what happened? No more vids. Did it run? Did ya`ll go on the road trip? What gives.
zambonidriver42 4 månader sedan
Day 6 (Saturday) ? Sunday drive? It’s now Wednesday. Dying out here.
Kenneth Atienza
Kenneth Atienza 4 månader sedan
oh i see the donkey from roadkill
Greg Novak
Greg Novak 4 månader sedan
When’s the next c10 video coming ? Loving the c-10 content keep kickin ass gents
jfannin 4 månader sedan
Most of the "unwatched" videos from SVdown channels I'm subscribed to are from your channel or Pearl Jam's. It's takes a surprisingly long moment to tell if a video's thumbnail depicts Mr. Finnegan or Mr. Vedder. I do not know what to think about this.
weeweed86 4 månader sedan
You in Bartow or Cobb....?
Seth Lane
Seth Lane 4 månader sedan
I’m just curious how you lose a hood 😂
Justin Boyd
Justin Boyd 4 månader sedan
Hey I want to see another video of truck?
fury211 4 månader sedan
love that bridgeport.
Internet 4 månader sedan
Y’all make it look so easy! But I know for a fact nothing goes this smooth between my mustang and c10 I run into a problem to over come at every turn. Great work guys have
CesarConH 4 månader sedan
All that work and the truck is small window cab.
brave mcgarnagle
brave mcgarnagle 4 månader sedan
This truck project is like bizaro roadkill
Getis Realis
Getis Realis 4 månader sedan
Another good video guys!
Kerrmudgeon 4 månader sedan
I meant hang them from the machine. doh!
Kerrmudgeon 4 månader sedan
Hey Finnegan....do you self a favour and buy a set of safety googles for EACH machine and hand them from the machine. Only cost a few bucks each and you won't have to make excuses like on this vid. cheers.
Onkar Indurkar
Onkar Indurkar 4 månader sedan
What happened to the death metal charger? Like i want to see it back on the show.
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