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This is episode 151 of Finnegan's Garage. Back in episode 130 of Finnegan's Garage Mike Finnegan told you about an incredible chance you had to be a part of a fabrication build-off right in his home garage. All you had to do to have a shot at entering was leave a comment on the video that made him happy, intrigued or just laugh out loud. Well, today is the day to find out which comments he chose, which of his three friends would also be a part of the contests, and how things played out in the garage. In this video you'll meet Kevin Smith from KSR Performance www.youtube.com/user/TheCutlassRacer
Mike Cotten from Midwest Images midwestimages?hl=en
and Matt Knabb of Knabb Gear and Auto in Cleveland, TN
These three guys went head-to-head in a build off to see who could create something unique in less than two hours using the leftover parts and Miller fabrication equipment in my garage. The results were incredible and this video was made possible by Miller Welders, which also provided the prizes for each contestant:
Here's what we gave away:
Multimatic 235 Welder www.millerwelds.com/equipment...
Here's the equipment they were using:
Multimatic 220 Welder www.millerwelds.com/equipment/welders/multiprocess/multimatic-220-ac-dc-multiprocess-welder-m30190?
Spectrum 375:

Dynasty 280 DX:

Want a Game Over shirt or any other Finnegan Speed and Marine swag? visit: www.fsmgarage.com
thanks for watching!
-Mike Finnegan

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22 jun 2021



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SidebandSamurai Timme sedan
@22:13, he is a young Jedi learning to use his light saber for the first time.
FORD MAN 6 dagar sedan
That was cool. I would have went with the plane honestly
Aaron B
Aaron B 27 dagar sedan
🤘😎👍 #WinWithKSR
Scooter Michelli
Scooter Michelli 29 dagar sedan
Kevin got the W. No shocker haha
Scooter Michelli
Scooter Michelli 29 dagar sedan
I want this to be an actual show. A game show of sorts like forged in Fire
TheKajunkat Månad sedan
Is it just me or should Matt made the plane into an A10 warthog?
Scott McBride
Scott McBride Månad sedan
Kevin still winning everything! :)
James Runyon
James Runyon Månad sedan
Man. I'm not trying to hate. But it might sounds like it. The audio is really bad in this video. I couldn't make it past like a minute.
winston cryer
winston cryer Månad sedan
Cuz I got a few individuals here in Orange county California are where they might be that are hacked into my phone and been harassing me for years and been pulling little crud deleting your sending
winston cryer
winston cryer Månad sedan
Just wondering if you're running out of content or somebody else's resending them
winston cryer
winston cryer Månad sedan
Hey Finnegan just wondering are you resending your videos reposting them cuz you already sent this video out weeks ago
Damon Erxleben
Damon Erxleben Månad sedan
Should’ve done it like build warriors it’s a show where to shops compete to build the best car they can in so many hours with the provided parts an they do small challenges like who pull the car down to a roller first and they get to pick parts off the shelf first an they have to complete the car interior, exterior an engine all in like 48 hours an it’s pretty sick I wish they still aired it
Rodney Månad sedan
Wow! That was a very fun, interesting and enjoyable video to watch. Very creative - the concept, the implementation, the support crew and friendship. Amazing how your garage has developed and filled relatively fast. I remember the first videos of when you and your family relocated to Georgia! Thumbs Up
hansel gretel
hansel gretel Månad sedan
sir you need to check out CB Media
Jim Marchman
Jim Marchman Månad sedan
2:45: "all gonna try to weld at the same time" . If you don't have to call 911 when they all start welding then you aren't legit! LOL
Chris Graffam
Chris Graffam Månad sedan
got my package today thank you so much i love em all
SqueezeItEasy Månad sedan
More of this content please. 🤘🇺🇸
Brett Guffey
Brett Guffey Månad sedan
Havin your neighbor come in and judge was a good idea he seemed cool
Dan S
Dan S Månad sedan
sponsored adds...come on
Peter Rabbit
Peter Rabbit Månad sedan
Picaso Smith!
Igneale Månad sedan
Kevin really is on a win streak.
Evan Moon
Evan Moon Månad sedan
Who has not played knock out before? evidently some of the guys in this video haven’t. We played it in the youth group and in the neighborhood and in college
Bruce Fisher
Bruce Fisher Månad sedan
Kevin built a 2K21 Vax-bot ...😳
Jon Hill
Jon Hill Månad sedan
Support 🇺🇲
Ken Balentine
Ken Balentine Månad sedan
Kevin just can’t lose lol congrats
Dumuzi Shepherd
Dumuzi Shepherd Månad sedan
nedj10 Månad sedan
KSR, wins again. Well done sir.
Nicolai Søndergaard
Win with ksr!
Sarah Pietri
Sarah Pietri Månad sedan
Kevin Smith KSR Natural born winner in true Florida man form. Hell yeah brother.
Adam Loader
Adam Loader Månad sedan
Cool stuff, great vibes. Miller Weld off challenge! Everyone is a winner. Make it a annual event!
Peter Middo
Peter Middo Månad sedan
What sort of dog is that? It looks a lot like a Springer Spaniel or even a Field Spaniel?????
Sean Moore
Sean Moore Månad sedan
Of course Kevin wins again!
ThePizzaLife Månad sedan
Kevin wins everything
Steven Browning Sr
Steven Browning Sr Månad sedan
Looking at your junk pile, you should take up a little artistic work in your time off.
dunerinaz Månad sedan
Love the "shitter's full" Eddie picture on the wall
mrkthmn Månad sedan
My broke ass looking at all that scrap and drooling...
curtis robinson
curtis robinson Månad sedan
Kevin I want a t shirt for this victory!
John Curtis Piano
John Curtis Piano Månad sedan
Hey MIKE, just a FYI when you search FSM in youtube, NOTHING about you comes up
Gari Hughes
Gari Hughes Månad sedan
Just like his motto. Win with KSR!
nickg0411 Månad sedan
i blame Cotton....
AcceptMetal13 Månad sedan
Next motor-trend show: Winning With Kevin
John Roberts
John Roberts Månad sedan
KSR for the win again
John Milner
John Milner Månad sedan
That was a cool shootout.
John Roberts
John Roberts Månad sedan
Great content thanks for sharing
Ryan Underhill
Ryan Underhill Månad sedan
Your list if welding equipment reads like my ultimate wish list. I use a lincon175 pro mig, a harbor freight tig(o it blows nutz, but works), and a 70s lincon stick welder that looks like its been outside for 20 years. when I need to do something big it puts down the power. It looks like it might kill ya if you touch it while its on. I always enjoyed using random motor bits in my welding art. This is so awesome
Rusty Blades
Rusty Blades Månad sedan
man.....you need to hire a crew.....LOL.....love you.....
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones Månad sedan
Kevin fucks
Rona Rigsby
Rona Rigsby Månad sedan
What was name of your buddys name and number shop in Tennessee would like to contact him. Thanks.
E. S503
E. S503 Månad sedan
They have never played knock out weird
ProblemChild1958 Månad sedan
You have the best music in your videos!
Dallin Coyle
Dallin Coyle Månad sedan
Damn it would be nice to be sponsored by Miller
Boris2014 Månad sedan
Great video, what is the music? Need some of that in my car!
Kyle Radke
Kyle Radke Månad sedan
Cotten looking sour at the end lol 😂 cheer up bud u get them next time
stanley yelnats
stanley yelnats Månad sedan
If you never played knockout you didn't have a childhood
Larry Barnes
Larry Barnes Månad sedan
I need to get Kevin to buy me a lottery ticket !!
Jason N.
Jason N. Månad sedan
Looks like a blast.
Krazo buildZ
Krazo buildZ Månad sedan
my moneys on Kevin
Ken Design
Ken Design Månad sedan
16:51 Merry Christmas....... Shitter's full🤣
Dick Nijenhuis
Dick Nijenhuis Månad sedan
Kevin's on such a winning run, I've got to get him to pick my lottery tickets. #KSRForTheWin
Kris Hiatt
Kris Hiatt Månad sedan
KSR for the WIN!!!
PrincessTS01 Månad sedan
i would make a JEDI falling to the darkside...
PrincessTS01 Månad sedan
lets get cotton to do the worm again...
Dann Mohr
Dann Mohr Månad sedan
Kevin wins again…….👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸😎😎😎😎😎😎💥💥💥💥
Buckin Bronco
Buckin Bronco Månad sedan
i feel bad for Cotten. he did what i would have done. grab the biggest most interesting piece of scrap in there. but then realize that it also limited what you can do with it in a short timeframe
Dann Mohr
Dann Mohr Månad sedan
Go Kevin……..your the “Man”……👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
seth spring
seth spring Månad sedan
Way to go Kyle!! Congrats
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson Månad sedan
Excellent episode, fun to watch.
thomas froberg
thomas froberg Månad sedan
Gee this is not a stacked deck!!! One is a best friend one is a known Cleetus builder and the third guy I didn’t hear his name but regardless how about true unbiased fabbers.
thomas froberg
thomas froberg Månad sedan
I’d like to comment an apology am I to understand that the video people are the winners NOT the fabbers I’m sorry my stupidity
Dan Myers
Dan Myers Månad sedan
Kevin Smith is now to be known as Picasso. Perfect name for this artist!
Love it! You should auction these off for a charity to support welding scholarships or something!
Taylor C4
Taylor C4 Månad sedan
Neighbor dude one ups his airplane affinity with the abstract art culture pick. Kudos, neighbor guy. Kickass builds & I cannot wait to see the Cotton alarm system on the next season of Faster With Finnegan!
Coach C
Coach C Månad sedan
25:17 lol the dudes face (bottom left of screen): “man, ain’t this some bullsh!t”
Scott Squires
Scott Squires Månad sedan
Should have snuck a couple nice pieces of magnesium into those pick bins,LOL.
Brock Tillman
Brock Tillman Månad sedan
Really enjoyed watching guy's... I myself loved the bomber! But all 3 was amazing.👍 Nice change up on the show material Mike. Always something different with your content of show's. Can't wait for the next one!❤
Al Greenhorn
Al Greenhorn Månad sedan
Big Kev wins again!!!!
Michael Månad sedan
Jon Newton
Jon Newton Månad sedan
That was a mad vid. Cheers to everyone involved.
michael teasdale
michael teasdale Månad sedan
I'm gunna put my cap backwards whilst watching this
michael teasdale
michael teasdale Månad sedan
Wow the States must have cheap power $ To have all the welders going!?!
Heero yuy
Heero yuy Månad sedan
poor cotton never wins anything
Phillip Cave
Phillip Cave Månad sedan
Kevin wins once again. Well done
Chris Graffam
Chris Graffam Månad sedan
thanks for having me it was a lot of fun seeing the vid after being apart of it
Peter Månad sedan
Nice work Kevin! Attention to detail, just like his car builds!
Tin Bender Bear
Tin Bender Bear Månad sedan
Its called "bump " not "knock out" And if the first guy misses the 2nd guy can shoot immediately after him, and if he makes it the first guy is out After the first guy shoots he can then bump the 2nd guy's ball off the court if he wants. The rule is you can bump someone else's ball after you shoot and you have to bump it with your ball. It always turned into a wrestling match at our house afterwards. LOL
Jesse Månad sedan
that little Alien thing Kevin made is cool af, I kinda want it
Greg Robertson
Greg Robertson Månad sedan
As soon as I saw Kevin KSR I knew he would win. That dude is bad ass
Justin Van Buren
Justin Van Buren Månad sedan
I love all 3!!! great stuff!!!
Raggsey1 Månad sedan
Kevin wins again what talent
Mark Saunders
Mark Saunders Månad sedan
Who gets to keep the projects?
brian williams
brian williams Månad sedan
Australia: 240v is domestic power and 440v is commercial standard power. 110v doesn't exist because you might as well use a 12v battery.
Kelsey towns
Kelsey towns Månad sedan
So awesome! Loved it!
Dave Blodgett
Dave Blodgett Månad sedan
I'd gift that plane to the neighbor. But I do really like Cotton's wind chime
josh king
josh king Månad sedan
Spaceout tmonkey407
Spaceout tmonkey407 Månad sedan
Stacks of spark plugs screams nitrous tuning to me lol
brian ehrsam
brian ehrsam Månad sedan
Hell yeah brother, way to go Kevin 👍
daniel Payseno
daniel Payseno Månad sedan
Probably my favorite video you have produced in awhile not that the regular stuff is bad cause i dig all your videos. You're a cool dude and that mustache 👍
Censored 1
Censored 1 Månad sedan
Kevin from KSR AWESOME !!!!
abedanielspictures Månad sedan
An hour into the fab sesh and no video of Kevin. Winner!
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller Månad sedan
I had a good feeling that Kevin was going to win. Everything that guy creates is incredible. What a great little competition! This was a great idea for a video. Great job to all the guys! The plane was pretty sweet too...
Pedro Ibañez
Pedro Ibañez Månad sedan
man, this masterchef episode was weird