First Drive of My Body-Dropped, LT-Swapped Chevy C10: Finnegan's Garage Ep.138 

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My tube chassis, supercharged LT4-powered, six-speed gearbox-equipped 1967 Chevrolet C10 has officially hit the streets! After a decade of hibernation, the custom independent suspension, 20-inch Forgeline wheels and Mittler Bros Hydroshox are fully functional and I'm happy to report that I've rowed all six gears of the RTS/6XDgearbox.com billet sequential transmission. The Holley Terminator X Max efi system is far from properly tuned but after a few hiccups during the last day of the build, my friends and I were able to get a taste of the potential of this street truck. Now all we gotta do is drive the thing 300 miles back home to Georgia!

Want to see more? check out the other videos we filled during the "1-week Chevy C10 build" series on this channel and visit Wirecare.com for all the supplies I use to wire this incredible truck. www.wirecare.com/

Want Your Own C10 shirt? go here: www.fsmgarage.com/

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21 mar 2021



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Rodney Kunerth
Rodney Kunerth 17 timmar sedan
pelvicthrust119 6 dagar sedan
Finished this bitch while I was in jail....I ain't even bought the lt4 or the car I want to put it in 😒
Dan Hard
Dan Hard 8 dagar sedan
at 15:28 that sounds soooo angry haa haaa love it !!!
M Martinez
M Martinez 8 dagar sedan
That thing sounds so good 🔥🔥🔥
Charley Waffles
Charley Waffles 17 dagar sedan
At this point the video is 3 months old so I assume Mike Finn will not see this comment, however, that truck is soooo COOL!!!!!!! And with the throttle just barely cracked? Holy $h!t !!!! Amazing job and congratulations to Mike and all the others that helped build this truck. Truly Amazing, already!
Uncle Quack
Uncle Quack 18 dagar sedan
I must say that C-10 has been chopped and butchered up a lot.
Stephen Mckee
Stephen Mckee 23 dagar sedan
You have to watch that because you can speak that into existence on yourself saying the test drives only going to make it a quarter mile down the street. you have to say she can make it wherever you want to drive.
Stephen Mckee
Stephen Mckee 23 dagar sedan
The clutch moves the truck right.
Stephen Mckee
Stephen Mckee 23 dagar sedan
The clutch did work because the engine started it's just not releasing.
Stephen Mckee
Stephen Mckee 23 dagar sedan
That was a good test. Considering the time and love that y'all put into that truck
Stephen Mckee
Stephen Mckee 23 dagar sedan
Who needs bolts in their seats. This is roadkill you should have a 5 gallon bucket
Stephen Mckee
Stephen Mckee 23 dagar sedan
Your seatbelt will hold you and the seat in there
eddy smith
eddy smith Månad sedan
man that sounds so mean
Proinseas O'Kiellig
Proinseas O'Kiellig Månad sedan
Epic vehicle...Rapid Rabid
Michael Vogel
Michael Vogel Månad sedan
I bet that is such a blast to drive
Dan D.
Dan D. Månad sedan
Nice Ride! Sits right!!
The Loobis
The Loobis Månad sedan
Jeremy Fraser
Jeremy Fraser Månad sedan
Rk muscle truck vs finnegans c10?
James Makes Stuff
James Makes Stuff Månad sedan
Three years Ive waited to see you to finish.
Brian Hess
Brian Hess Månad sedan
That truck is a freaking beast 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻Well done my friend.
LNM0000 Månad sedan
Get the _fuck_ in !!!
Freerider Månad sedan
*_Kids:_* Dad! Dad! We're late for school! Hurry! _(... runs down and hops into car. Put the ignition key in...)_ *_Dad:_* Hold on just a sec... Is this Sunday? *_Kids:_* Hurry hurry, we're really going to be late! *_Dad:_* Nice try kids. We can go ride, but first I need my brain juice, and why the hell am I wearing a pink robe and slippers? *_Kids:_* Hurry hurry, we're late for making coffee! *_Dad:_* How do you like them apples lol
Capt. Killingfield
Capt. Killingfield Månad sedan
Really does sound great. Maybe a little too obnoxiously ratty for a daily though lol
Jimmy Keane
Jimmy Keane Månad sedan
Man sick truck man
Justin Silicato
Justin Silicato Månad sedan
What wheels are thoes?
No one #6
No one #6 2 månader sedan
Does sound sweet man
David Espitia
David Espitia 2 månader sedan
Hahah that thing is siiiick! Smiling and laughing with every shift and it was only a video. Wtf
Eric 2 månader sedan
I live in Greensboro. When I saw the intro to the video I knew that you guys had to be in the Piedmont of NC.
Les Morris II
Les Morris II 2 månader sedan
18:47 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chronically Lost
Chronically Lost 2 månader sedan
dude cant shift to save his life
Daniel Masis
Daniel Masis 2 månader sedan
The heady riverbed ophthalmoscopically train because rooster suddenly trot beside a careless servant. kind, flawless child
Daniel Ducati
Daniel Ducati 2 månader sedan
Badass !!!!!!!!
Terry Miller
Terry Miller 3 månader sedan
Truck sounds great!
Gregory Martin
Gregory Martin 3 månader sedan
Cotten's facial expressions have me rolling laughing lol
Wyatt Turpin
Wyatt Turpin 3 månader sedan
This is giving me some serious motivation for my ‘70. What’s the deal with the door handle delete? Are they electric poppers or bear claw or what?
Justin Reese
Justin Reese 3 månader sedan
It's nice to finally see that truck running it spent a long time hiding
John Mack
John Mack 3 månader sedan
Pushing a Chevy is the most Chevy thing I have seen today.
kevin metcalf
kevin metcalf 3 månader sedan
Love your slammed truck Mike. Totally bad ass.
GradyRho92 3 månader sedan
Sounds nasty.
3% 1776
3% 1776 3 månader sedan
God it sounds so damn amazing
Stephen Brewer
Stephen Brewer 3 månader sedan
So awesome to see this!
Hand Made Hooligan
Hand Made Hooligan 3 månader sedan
Sounds so good !!
Chill Will
Chill Will 3 månader sedan
Bench seat bro . .💪
Martin750hp name
Martin750hp name 3 månader sedan
Enjoy it while u can! Stick Shift's for Life! The noisier the better............
Garrett H.
Garrett H. 3 månader sedan
Such a beautiful truck mike! And I love how there’s a touch of minitrucker to it. It’s perfect!
Gabriel Cortez
Gabriel Cortez 3 månader sedan
Oh its alive after all this time ..
Vincent Page
Vincent Page 3 månader sedan
Finnegan that sound man is epic!! That’s what I’m aiming for in my fbody.
DOFA Abraham
DOFA Abraham 3 månader sedan
Looks like da American choppers shop 💀
97 Chip
97 Chip 3 månader sedan
She LB 4 LB
Ryan Duncanggg
Ryan Duncanggg 3 månader sedan
So awesome. Truck is turning out sick.
Lidpopoff 3 månader sedan
Love you guys
ferrelx 3 månader sedan
Is it me or does that paint splotch on the driver side fender by the door look like a cartoon dog 🤔
George Pulliam
George Pulliam 3 månader sedan
Matthew Martinez
Matthew Martinez 3 månader sedan
What mufflers are yall running?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 3 månader sedan
Bullet Race Mufflers from Stainless Headers Mfg, Inc.
magius231 3 månader sedan
damnit...you were literally down the street from me and I missed it! :(
Sir Creed
Sir Creed 3 månader sedan
Sweet bro I like it alot 👊🏻 🍻
Hillclimbfan1990 3 månader sedan
It sounds so good. It's such a raw aggressive sound. Love the straight cut gear whine as well.
mike kretzer
mike kretzer 4 månader sedan
BAD ASS !!!!!!
Tatted Vet
Tatted Vet 4 månader sedan
Beautiful Music
Christian Harnisch
Christian Harnisch 4 månader sedan
Sounded like a symphony with ear buds in 🤙🏼 kudos Finnegan, can't wait to see it after you guy's get it tuned!!
Hellwithpots 4 månader sedan
Em I the only one that likes door handles on classic vehicles, I bought a 68 Camaro years back that they were shaved I put them back on,
NutttyCompany 4 månader sedan
Wow this sounds too good. Youre killin me
Rob Hoffman
Rob Hoffman 4 månader sedan
classic wave around... been there.. Awesome
Ryan Rasmussen
Ryan Rasmussen 4 månader sedan
I fell head over heels for these rims....until I looked the price up Good fucking God dude! Wheels alone are worth more then the entire truck
Robert Aguirre
Robert Aguirre 4 månader sedan
Finnegan’s laugh says everything Congratulations mike✌️
Derrick Gilman
Derrick Gilman 4 månader sedan
He'll yeah sounds killer finnegan way to go good buddy
jjlwis 4 månader sedan
it's Perfect~! Congrats!
Mr Grumbles
Mr Grumbles 4 månader sedan
Bro this is what you call cool builds he need his own tv channel 👊
james EL LOKO
james EL LOKO 4 månader sedan
It reminds me so much of my dads truck everything same color and sound but his was 3speed I miss my dad so much I wish he was alive he had to sell his
Chris Ventris
Chris Ventris 4 månader sedan
I thank when i say this i mean for all us guys thats seen this truck for years im happy for u to get her down the road first for me
Riley 1955
Riley 1955 4 månader sedan
Way too loud man.....The best thing I like about the whole truck is those Forgeline wheels.
DemonTime31 4 månader sedan
Its.jaydee 4 månader sedan
Your my goals mann
twinkievsdingdong 4 månader sedan
What mic are you using on camera? Please let me know, the audio is fantastic.
NOTADOCTOR 4 månader sedan
Paul Whiteman
Paul Whiteman 4 månader sedan
I know I’m British but, dang, that’s a bad ass lookin’ truck!!
Adam Garon
Adam Garon 4 månader sedan
Wow is louder than #Dave_DDE
A K 4 månader sedan
How much horsepower? Read end ratio?
Adam Weber
Adam Weber 4 månader sedan
Nice build! Is your trans a sequential? I have no idea how those actually work with the clutch compared to a h-pattern manual.
Andrew Davison
Andrew Davison 4 månader sedan
Dang that thing is agressive!
daniel Payseno
daniel Payseno 4 månader sedan
That thing is nasty! Love it dream truck.
87 SpeedShop
87 SpeedShop 4 månader sedan
Looks like a hell of a lot of fun to drive! Badass truck
PicnicRider 4 månader sedan
It’s videos like this that get me motivated to get my rx7 302 swap
Kenny Allison
Kenny Allison 4 månader sedan
So sick to see that thing ripping! What color are u thinking about going with?
AussieZ X
AussieZ X 4 månader sedan
that what lovely about you even when f up you still lol over it cool. that sounds so sick love it.from 14.50 to 22.00 min smile on face got bigger that sound best my ears hear so long can't wait too u get it tuned..
893 R6
893 R6 4 månader sedan
this is for the Burnt Taco!
yt white
yt white 4 månader sedan
WOWZA!!! Finnegan,that is one BAD little truck....Can't wait to see it finished!
SLUMONE 4 månader sedan
Someone was chasing you when u turned around in the lot with those semi trailers
Tuchodi Carlson
Tuchodi Carlson 4 månader sedan
Love it !!!!! don't like the box lines being lower than the cab but maybe its just the camera angle
Devin Laurent
Devin Laurent 4 månader sedan
I was waiting on a burn out or at least got sideways. Gotta test it properly.
Kyle Larrabee
Kyle Larrabee 4 månader sedan
Man I just bought a 71 chevy c20 and wanna rebuild her so bad where yall get a clean frame ?
Peterson Oliveira
Peterson Oliveira 4 månader sedan
Boa tarde congrats trabalho homem vai homens amigos amén dia você carro truck c-10 vai amén
Brock Lowe
Brock Lowe 4 månader sedan
Rocky Mountain race week????
Chesspiece 4 månader sedan
Definitely get a bench seat with the driver's and passenger cut out so you sit in it and not just on it. Then get it covered in a really dark brown leather similar to the King Ranch trucks or a Mexican style blanket.
Chesspiece 4 månader sedan
Those front inner fenderwells are almost too pretty to cover with fenders. LOL "it doesn't have a front sway bar and it's not leaning a bunch" Of course it has some incredibly trick suspension and wide sticky tires. BTW those little back window trucks are the best, and nailed it with those Forgelines and stance. Congrats man!
Nick Boschetti
Nick Boschetti 4 månader sedan
Wayyy sick good shit
cory hall
cory hall 4 månader sedan
Who are the 113 people that 👎 this video?? They must be the people that call the police when a car drives by that is a little bit loud. 😂😂
Keto Trucker
Keto Trucker 4 månader sedan
So stoked for you brother. Looks and sounds amazing
Atang Molale
Atang Molale 4 månader sedan
The c10 gangster you better drive it like a mad men
Chris Vinson
Chris Vinson 4 månader sedan
Bad ass truck
Chevrolet C10
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The C10 is done!!!
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"Körde rakt in i en björk"