Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage
Prenumerera 795tn
kiwidiesel 12 timmar sedan
Weakest axles i ever seen, worst thing is that they were not even in contact with the road, so it was acting through a suspension equipped trailer to begin with. p.s love your work tho Mike.
Peter Livbom
Peter Livbom 12 timmar sedan
what my friends were bad engineering poor poorly executed. what the he.. were they thinking?
neal daley jr
neal daley jr 12 timmar sedan
What a bullshit trailor.
General Sixty
General Sixty 12 timmar sedan
After seeing this I think I'd build a triple axle trailer with small trailer tires and leaf spring axles.
Doug Williams
Doug Williams 12 timmar sedan
Why not put a brace end to end on both axles?
Ty perkins
Ty perkins 12 timmar sedan
Just a thought, have you tried tieing the trailer down with tire bonnets. By strapping the tires down it will let the suspension move and not put as much stress on the trailer?
SID 12 timmar sedan
Warranty lawsuit in progress, why would you buy mig welded shit and dip it in salt water, then drag is halfway across America? This is a lesson in How not to stupid. Go for a run Forrest.
Trev 12 timmar sedan
trailing arm suspension with the air bags Magnificent
Fully Loaded Kustoms
Fully Loaded Kustoms 12 timmar sedan
Awesome 57 Chevy, I'm restoring a 58 Impala on my channel. once that's done I've got a 57 Belair 2door post car can't wait to start that project.
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 13 timmar sedan
Gotta see more of that diesel boat
Middle aged man stuff
Middle aged man stuff 13 timmar sedan
Who designed that trailer? It’s shockingly bad.
kblackav8or 13 timmar sedan
Those panards are way too short and I wouldn't put them over the airbags. You can visualize how your axle travel up and down would follow a significant arc and probably the binding up of that hoaky design is why they cracked. Sketchy.
FAKE NAME 13 timmar sedan
So... anyone have suggestions as to where to order trailer axels from(in canada). I was paranoid about my axel before I watched this video now I don't want to take it any further than the first ramp away from the house.
Mike Wasfaret
Mike Wasfaret 13 timmar sedan
It wasn't the rough road, it's the poorly designed trailer.
Joey Miller
Joey Miller 13 timmar sedan
The LORD is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his works. The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth. He will fulfil the desire of them that fear him: he also will hear their cry, and will save them. The LORD preserveth all them that love him: but all the wicked will he destroy. (Psalms 145:17-20) And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30) I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5)
Dave Falconer
Dave Falconer 13 timmar sedan
Stainless is the worst material for trailers, that’s why you don’t see them. Also the main problem with the design is the distance inboard from the wheel the suspension/airbag is. The leverage is mental, if the springs were outboard where they should be the axle wouldn’t have even broken.
Phil Covino
Phil Covino 13 timmar sedan
Pick me. Even though its too late
Micka Eh265van
Micka Eh265van 14 timmar sedan
Finn, that axle design is working against the Panhard rod, without full redesign it will always fail, or have no travel.
Doug Wray
Doug Wray 14 timmar sedan
THIS is Amurika! Build it, beat it, break it, burn it, WASH RINSE AND REPEAT!!!!!
Paul Rivers "Red"
Paul Rivers "Red" 14 timmar sedan
Love the vid but would be hella lot better without the damn music in the background lol
Ben Clayton
Ben Clayton 14 timmar sedan
If nothing went wrong you would have no friends
xn0 14 timmar sedan
I'm glad that the good old "installing sofas in vehicles" tradition is still alive in the US.
Auston Hatfield
Auston Hatfield 14 timmar sedan
These scripted shows are so predictable. Oh look we broke something again.. oh look we have a buddy in this area to help us fix it. So original... 😉
Kevin Keller
Kevin Keller 14 timmar sedan
Chuckles470 S
Chuckles470 S 14 timmar sedan
Helped a guy fix his jet boat on a lake camping trip (carbs)On the last day he took my friend and I for a ride. After a fast bumpy ride we entered the no wake zone. He lost steering.He looked back at me and said grab the vise grips and clamp the steering cable for me! I’ll never ride in one again. Nice seeing this one built correctly 👍
Rennis Tora
Rennis Tora 14 timmar sedan
"Even my 9 year old's smart enough to not ride with me" You know, I was one of those kids that didn't mind stuff like that? I would have been right there handing my dad tools, did a number of times.
Rahadyan Muhammad
Rahadyan Muhammad 14 timmar sedan
Hi. I newly interest with automotive I am amaze with your buildm congrats 👍 By the way. I still don't really get a point. Why some engine could go up to 500++ hp some other just below it. Even with higher CC
Daniel Lausberg
Daniel Lausberg 15 timmar sedan
I've been keeping my eye out for you on the road, to honk and say hi.
Joel Childs
Joel Childs 15 timmar sedan
Haha atleast you got cool friends!
steve shoemaker
steve shoemaker 15 timmar sedan
l already am SUB'ED....O'yea....Thanks
waddih1990 15 timmar sedan
The axle probably broke because the boat trailer is free to bounce in the trailer. allowing it to reach its resonant frequency, which is the frequency at which a material is most sensitive. If you put the trailer on chucks such that the tires can barely be turned it might solve the issue.
Karrie Falon Johnson
Karrie Falon Johnson 15 timmar sedan
look at ya air bags Sir.. laughs them extended beyound ride. and beleive me a air bag delivers a wack of preasure on things. they will break and bend stuff so fast ya wont know what happened. alot of guys use air rides not realising what they are doing until things bend and break.
Brad Kiser
Brad Kiser 15 timmar sedan
My family has been going to lake havasu for 40 years! love that place.
Paulymade 15 timmar sedan
Who joins an axle??? Dodgey af.
morophine swordphich
morophine swordphich 15 timmar sedan
Love the stanced boat trailer!
to35bro 15 timmar sedan
Great video, never a dull moment. Keep it up Mike!
Greg Simon
Greg Simon 15 timmar sedan
I used to ski at twin Palms which is 18 miles north of Blythe just above the dam, best water ever.
Daniel Schaw
Daniel Schaw 15 timmar sedan
If the trailer was so poorly constructed and Finnegan supposed to be an expert at fabrication then why do they constantly have problems Towing trailers
Adam the ninja Smith
Adam the ninja Smith 15 timmar sedan
Just be Finnegan. It will all break. Sorry dude your Roadkill curse is strong bro 💪👍
Jaron Koch
Jaron Koch 16 timmar sedan
Nice too see that river flourish, while the lakes that feed it are drying up…
Speedy Burns
Speedy Burns 16 timmar sedan
That Sunny's engine is a trailer killer.
D Goody
D Goody 16 timmar sedan
Lol that’s messed up Mike. Isn’t that one reason you got that thing, to take family vacations, together as a family? And your wife and kids said “nah I’m good”.
Flannel Philip
Flannel Philip 16 timmar sedan
Pure heaven!!! You have the coolest buddies Fin. 👊🏽🕶
thomas glosemeyer
thomas glosemeyer 16 timmar sedan
The key to a great shop is AC
William Saxon Build's
William Saxon Build's 16 timmar sedan
i would like to see them build a stick figure of a human out exhaust tubing with detailed facial features with both fat and skinny mufflers lol
hhohn 16 timmar sedan
Bummer about the trailer, but awesome things happening at AZ Freeride/AZ Fabrication.
olsonspeed 16 timmar sedan
Not a good idea to have a toxic optimist perform surgery on a loved one or build your boat trailer, what could possibly go wrong?
Vintage tin trader
Vintage tin trader 16 timmar sedan
That trailer, so beautiful but so bad at the same time. It must have been designed by a committee:/
tony66au 16 timmar sedan
Miles of HotRod boats on the water, And then..... Hey Bob is that Game Over out there? Instant Boat envy....... Mike there's never a Dull moment with you but you also seem to attract all the best people! Love love LOVE it!
Ed Carl
Ed Carl 16 timmar sedan
The person who design that axle setup should be kicked in the butt weld two bars two and Axle makes the axle a torsion bar that will occur again the trailer needs at least 4 parallel bars per axle so the axle can float typical booger engineering that rear axle design is as bad as a broken dipstick
ProfabDesigns Marine & Offroad
Came to see Finn's Hotboat, and a Break-n-Fix video happened! Am I the only one who see's a lot of this stuff happening way before it does? NOt trying to crap on your party.
Robert Dennis
Robert Dennis 16 timmar sedan
Pan hard mount is already cracked on trailer at 9:14
MonzaRacer 16 timmar sedan
If that axle was stairs then it wasn't back purged possible causing sugaring.
Rodney Kunerth
Rodney Kunerth 16 timmar sedan
Angry Gnome
Angry Gnome 16 timmar sedan
I didn’t think there was any water left in arizona.
Tim Earll
Tim Earll 16 timmar sedan
I always hated loud boats but Finnegan makes me hate them a little bit less. 👍
Kris Hiatt
Kris Hiatt 16 timmar sedan
Only thing missing is Newbern!
Christopher Robin Garrish
Are going to name the builder of the 'trailer suspension'? The truth hurts. But is no slander.
WeThePeople HaveSpoken
WeThePeople HaveSpoken 16 timmar sedan
I'm thinking yoiu left the house with that broke trailer and took advantage of that poor man.........
THE_BLACK_JEEP 16 timmar sedan
Haha. Finnegan could you imagine driving across the country like that every week for 20 plus years? Minus the camp site access. It gets old I tell ya. LoL.
Halfzac 17 timmar sedan
How many episodes ago did they talk about dolly towing cross country?? LOLOL
scott ferguson
scott ferguson 17 timmar sedan
Certainly you have brought the design flaws of this trailer to the company that built it's attention. I mean I'm not the brightest crayon in the box but even I know that is shoddy work.
Bartman360 17 timmar sedan
Dang Mike, Im 56 and grew up on the Colorado River 3 months out of the year. My parents leased property from the Indians 7 miles north of Blythe by the land marks carved in the ground that are now fenced. So crazy how the river still flows after all these years. I love it.
paul latour
paul latour 17 timmar sedan
The springs(air bags) of the boat trailer are working against the springs of the enclosed trailer. Lock the boat trailer ridged to the enclosed trailer.
Kim Machin
Kim Machin 17 timmar sedan
Some point this channel went from cars and burnouts to boats and trucks. Still liking it
T2Tabb 17 timmar sedan
Hopefully u weren’t grinding or welding near the fiberglass
William Rawa
William Rawa 17 timmar sedan
When I tow my race car in my enclosed trailer, I put it on jack sands then strap it down to minimize wear on suspension. Perhaps that could work for you, have fun on your vacation Finn. ( :
David Zimmer
David Zimmer 17 timmar sedan
I thought it was very pretty work considering the circumstances.
Dennis Swanson
Dennis Swanson 17 timmar sedan
How do you not have a million plus subscribers your content is amazing keep up the great work Finn.
Ryan Lamfers
Ryan Lamfers 17 timmar sedan
I would trash that trailer, that or never tow it any real distance ever again.
axisgarm 17 timmar sedan
Tell that fella he might need to go back to plumbob training school…. It’s always right if you take one hand and move the point where you want it!!!!
chrisraley33 17 timmar sedan
Just wanted to say sorry for not liking everyone of your videos. I do like them all but I watch most on my smart TV and there is no option to like.
1ls376 18 timmar sedan
Merlin Johnson, I thought he said Warren Johnson.
Teddy Jones
Teddy Jones 18 timmar sedan
Cummins MAN
Cummins MAN 18 timmar sedan
OH MAN <<<The CHUMMINS 12V Race Boat😋
Dan 18 timmar sedan
Happy motor, happy boater... And yeah, you better turn that hat around. HOLY MACADOSHIS!
Clint Maas
Clint Maas 18 timmar sedan
A welder designed that trailer, not an engineer. But why re-engineer the trailer? Take it back and say what the hell.
CRK Productions
CRK Productions 18 timmar sedan
How do you manage rust on and around the engine in an aquatic moisture-rich environment.
Mick Hannickle
Mick Hannickle 18 timmar sedan
That trailer was designed and built by someone with zero comprehension of stresses and load paths occuring in a structure.